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Titusville Marketplace

The site of the new Titusville Marketplace has lived many lives while being part of the Titusville, NJ community fabric for the better part of 100 years.  Once a filing station and repair garage, than a canoe and boat engine shop, followed by a tractor sales and repair center. Now a local Titusville entrepreneurial couple has opened a new chapter for the buildings. They envisioned creating a community focused retail center and turned to Inside Architecture to bring their dreams to fruition.


The Titusville Marketplace site in located on a busy stretch of the Delaware River Scenic Byway Route 29. After sitting vacant for more than 5 years the concept of developing a marketplace focused on the local community was conceived. The goal of the project was to convert the run down buildings located on this extremely difficult parcel of land into an interesting and welcoming neighborhood retail center. Local and state planning restrictions necessitated that the existing building on the site remained, which presented the challenge of visually tying all three building together despite their broadly different architectural styles. IA decided that the best way to execute that strategy was to develop a uniform vocabulary for the various buildings with the use of materials and colors. Through careful material selection and placement on the buildings a natural modern aesthetic was established by incorporating cedar wood planks, large storefront glazing, stone veneer and dark toned finishes. Connecting the three distinct buildings a continuous sidewalk was incorporated fostering a sense of place, rather than just a series of roadside building.


Titusville Retail Revitalization


Titusville, NJ





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