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Our Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is typically a complimentary on-site meeting during which we'll discuss your specific project in detail and the necessary steps to move forward.  

Concept Design

Phase 1 of our design process is Concept Design.  We walk our clients through this phase which involves visioning, project scope definitions, documentation of existing conditions and zoning review.  From here we are able to develop design options for your project that we narrow down to allow you to get preliminary budget pricing.

Project Implementation

Phase 2 of our process is Project Implementation.  With clear direction for your project in place, we begin to refine the design and develop the construction details.  We review in more depth the spatial, functional, and aesthetic requirements of your project, as well as, investigating finishes, materials and construction methods to be utilized.  Once the design is fully developed we are able to complete the construction documents to allow your project to come to fruition.  As construction commences, IA remains an active member to help guide the project to its completion.  

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