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St. John the  Evangelist Roman Catholic Church Renovation

St. John's church was facing multiple maintenance problems, rapidly deteriorating stained glass windows, difficult access for handicap parishioners, leaking roof, marginal lighting, and a general need of updating. The initial scope of the project was to analyze the of existing conditions, followed by preparing a priorities assessment, establish a budget, and define a schedule for the renovations extensive undertaking.   

By restoring the stained glass windows, repairing the leaking roof and installing a barrier free entrance ramp the Church's maintenance issues were resolved long term.  To breathe new life into the Church new lighting was provided, the worn pews refinished, a new stone floor installed and an intricate hand painted mural was added.  The renovations enhanced the structure's beauty and created an even more welcoming environment for future generations to enjoy.  


Church Repair & Renovation


Lambertville, NJ



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