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Solebury School House Restoration & Addition

What was once a one-room school house dating back to 1869 was in dire need of rehabilitation.  It was converted into a private residence in the 1930's, but in recent years had been left vacant and in disrepair.  When the home was acquired it was in need of lots of TLC having already been stripped bare after an abandoned attempt to renovate.

The new owner's wanted to pay homage to the buildings history while incorporating modern day convivences. The main living space embraced the original open floorplan taking advantage of the existing over-sized window openings the flood the space with light.  Coffered ceilings were added to accentuate the dramatically tall 14 foot high ceilings. Most notably, the roof was raised and the exterior walls where extended to allow for proper modern day clearances for sleeping quarters on the second floor. 


Home Restoration & Addition


Solebury, PA



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