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Sense Zero
Float Center

Sense Zero Float Center, an immersive sensory deprivation experience facility, is located in the Yardley Town Center, in Yardley, PA. The suite's fit-out design focused on creating a therapeutic and luxurious environment to provide it's clients an escape from the everyday stressors of life. 


The center contains two custom saltwater float rooms  that were designed to be completely void of all sound and light, as well as, providing a consistent temperature between the air and water, crucial to the deprivation experience. In addition, a salt lounge was incorporated to cap off the experience featuring a soothing backlite Himalayan salt block.

The thoughtfulness and attention to detail are beyond evident when inside Sense Zero, guaranteeing pure relaxation for all clientele. No sound, no light and temperature perfectly controlled equaling ultimate relaxation.


Float Center


Yardley, PA



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