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Modern Eclectic
Condo Renovation

The owner's of this property were downsizing and purchased this two bedroom condo with picturesque views of the Delaware River, but was stylistically trapped in the 90's. As part of their renovations goals of updating the finishes, they really wanted to open up the claustrophobic space to make it more inviting.  Two of the biggest architectural transformations of the space were removing the walls of the kitchen, and opening up the once walled in stairwell.  

The newly refinished space now boasts a light, modern eclectic aesthetic.  Upon entry you a greeted by a stunning floating industrial staircase made of rich wood, sleek powder coated steel and simple cable railing that runs the three-story unit.  A few steps further and you have a captivating view of the river  with the newly laid out, airy kitchen. In addition both the master bath and home office were reconfigured to maximize the limited space.  The reimagined layout combined with the refined finishes make for a stunning place to call home.


Full Condo Renovation


New Hope, PA



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