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Lavallette Beach House New Build 

The once cozy cottage down the Jersey shore was one of the many homes devastated beyond repair during Hurricane Sandy.  Being forced to rebuild, the homeowners wanted to make the most of the situation and maximize their new home to its full potential.  The design faced several challenges; a non-complaint lot, zoning restrictions, and new FEMA building regulations all while navigating Federal and local grants to rebuild.  

The new home was designed to sit above the floodplain, allowing the opportunity to maximize the views of the beach and keep it protected from future disaster.  Building vertically gave way to providing a 4-bedroom home with two master suites, and an elevator for their multi-generational family.  By thinking creatively, we were able to triple their square footage and then some.  The spacious home will be loved for years to come.  


Beach House New Build


Lavallette, NJ



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